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Alt Ventures is Canada’s leading pre-seed venture capital firm, dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering community growth. Specializing in early-stage investments, we support innovative startups with both capital and strategic guidance. Our experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge in technology, business development, and market expansion. With a focus on sustainability and financial inclusion, we aim to shape a more inclusive future. At Alt Ventures, we’re committed to helping visionary entrepreneurs turn groundbreaking ideas into market-leading enterprises.


To be the catalyst for transformative ventures shaping tomorrow's world.


Empowering innovative startups for a sustainable and inclusive future.

Our Focus
Our focus is on empowering trailblazing Canadian entrepreneurs from the very start, helping them evolve as they escalate their businesses.
Our Philosophy
Success in Canadian entrepreneurship hinges on collaboration and forging strong connections.

Alt Ventures
Tailored to Support Canadian Entrepreneurs

Capital Investment

Providing essential funding to startups, especially in their pre-seed and seed stages, to fuel their initial growth and development.

Strategic Guidance

Offering expert advice on business strategy, market positioning, and long-term planning to ensure sustainable growth and success.

Networking Opportunities

Facilitating connections with industry leaders, potential partners, and other startups to foster a collaborative environment.s.

Market Access and Expansion Support

Assisting startups in navigating and expanding into new markets, both within Canada and internationally.

Technology and Innovation Support

Providing access to the latest technological resources and innovation strategies to keep startups at the forefront of their industries.

Operational Support

Offering assistance in areas like HR, legal, and finance, helping startups streamline their operations for efficiency.

How to Pitch

Prepare Your Pitch

Start with a clear and concise presentation of your business idea. Include your business model, market analysis, team background, and what makes your startup unique.

Business Plan

Attach a detailed business plan that outlines your strategy for growth, financial projections, and how you plan to use the investment.

Contact Details

Provide your full contact information so we can reach out to you for further discussions.

Pitch Us

At Alt Ventures, we’re always on the lookout for innovative and ambitious Canadian entrepreneurs. If you have a game-changing idea and the drive to make it a reality, we want to hear from you.

Our Projects


We specialize in pre-seed investments, primarily targeting innovative startups in technology, sustainability, and financial inclusion sectors. Our aim is to support ventures that promise substantial growth and have a clear vision for community impact in Canada.

 We look for start-ups with a strong team, a scalable business model, and the potential for significant market impact. Commitment to sustainability and community development is also crucial.

Entrepreneurs can submit their business plans through our “Pitch Us” section on the website. We review each submission carefully and will get in touch if your project aligns with our investment criteria.

Beyond capital investment, we offer strategic guidance, market expansion support, and access to a network of industry experts and potential partners.


While our primary focus is on Canadian start-ups, we are open to exceptional opportunities that align with our investment criteria from other regions as well.

 Our investment sizes vary depending on the start-up’s stage, needs, and potential. We typically engage in pre-seed rounds with a focus on strategic partnership and long-term growth.

 The timeline can vary depending on the complexity and readiness of the business. However, we strive to maintain a streamlined process for efficient decision-making.

 We are sector-agnostic but tend to avoid industries that do not align with our values of sustainability and community impact.

Our commitment is long-term. We aim to be active partners throughout the start-up’s growth journey, offering ongoing support and guidance.

We believe in empowering not just individual start-ups but also the broader community. We engage in various initiatives and partnerships that foster entrepreneurial ecosystems and support local development.

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